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An already haunting tale, Escape U’s award-winning Save The Fleet game has been given a twisted makeover exclusively for the 2018 Escape The Terror event.


The loss of his two daughters in a tragic accident spelled an untimely end for the construction foreman of the St. Augustine Lighthouse in the late 1800’s. This is a familiar tale in the folklore of St. Augustine. However, the story of Rosemary Pittee, the wife and mother of the deceased, is rarely told.


Distraught at the loss of her daughters, and never accepting their deaths as an accident, Rosemary relentlessly blamed the man she once loved. Unforgiving, Rosemary’s hatred grew until the day she died.


Tormented that the man she hated was out of reach in the physical world, she relished the day of her passing as an opportunity to pay back the pain she felt inside.


Transported to one fateful October night in 1927, this is where you join our story. Many years removed from this world, the hate-filled widow continues to exact her revenge from the realm of the paranormal and will destroy anything or anyone that gets in her way, including the living.


Meanwhile, hurricane San Zenon has formed and is making its way across Florida and off the coast of St. Augustine. Your team of sailors is ordered to find some way to guide the shipping fleet to safety. Through driving rain and hammering waves you manage to make landfall just steps from the famed St. Augustine lighthouse. Now, hundreds of sailors depend on your quick thinking and puzzle-solving skills as you make your way to the top and operate the life-saving beacon. Despite the ghost stories, you and your crew have a job to do.


Will you keep your wits about you and escape in 60 minutes or will you let the terror overcome you and remain trapped in a never-ending nightmare?

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